Visiting the idols in the temple will not relieve sorrow!

[From broken text of Buddhacharita composed by Ashvaghosha]

Ophs! This portion of Buddhacharita is broken!!

But fortunately, Chinese and Tibetan translations are available!

On the basis of these translations now it is translated by Bhavanath Jha

दृष्ट्वैव वैद्यं नहि रोगमुक्तिर्विनौषधं स्यान्न यथा जनानाम्।

तथैव दुःखान्न भवेद् विमुक्तिर्धर्मं विना मां विनिभाल्य भूयः।।

(Buddhacharita, Canto 25, Verse 78 in Tibetan translation)

Dr̥ṣṭvaiva vaidya nahi rōgamuktirvinauadha syānna yathā janānām.

Tathaiva dukhānna bhavēd vimuktirdharma vinā mā vinibhālya bhūya

If there is a disease in the body, we will not get rid of the disease if we go to the doctor and keep looking at him. But if you take the advice of the doctor and take medicines, your disease will be removed. It is true that the doctor is not important, rather the advice is important. Similarly Buddha was a great preacher. His  teachings are important to get rid of grief. It is best to obey the religion described by Buddha here.

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