Remove six defects and abolish the pain!

[From broken text of Buddhacharita composed by Ashvaghosha]

Ophs! This portion of Buddhacharita is broken!!

But fortunately, Chinese and Tibetan translations are available!

On the basis of these translations now it is translated by Bhavanath Jha

भूमिर्जलं बीजमृतुश्च हेतवो बीजप्ररोहे हि यथा भवन्ति।

Bhūmirjalaṁ bījamr̥tuśca hētavō bījaprarōhē hi yathā bhavanti.

कामादिरागा विविधाश्च दोषाः तदुद्गतं कर्म च दुःखहेतवः।।

Kāmādirōgā vividhāśca dōṣāḥ tadudgataṁ karma ca duḥkhahētavaḥ..

Buddhacharita, Canto 15, Verse 42 in Tibetan translation)

Bhūmiḥ= the earth, jalaṁ= water, bījaṁ= seed, r̥tuḥ= the season, ca=and, hētavaḥ= causes, bīja-prarōhē= in the growth of seed, hi=nonetheless, yathā=as, bhavanti= are there.

Kāma-ādi-rāgā= attachments like passion etc.,  vividhāḥ- various, ca=and, dōṣāḥ=demerits, tadudgataṁ= born of them, karma= acts, ca= and, duḥkhahētavaḥ= causes of grieves.

Here it has been said that how sadness is born in this world. Buddha says that as the seed is small first, but after getting favorable opportunity it becomes a huge tree. In the same way the cause of misery in this world is very subtle, but it becomes vast after getting a suitable opportunity.

A large tree is born due to land, water, seed and proper weather. Similarly, bad deeds take birth in this world from attachment, anger, greed, passion, ego and selfishness. And misery is born because of these bad deeds.

There are six blemishes in Indian tradition: Kama i.e. attachment, Krodha i.e anger, lobha i.e greed, moha i.e passion, mada i.e ego, matsarya i.e selfishness.

You guys! only after removing these six defects will it be possible to remove the pain.

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